Team & Group Discount Program


Beginning in our our first year, we offered a discount to local sailing teams who were looking to purchase safety equipment and gear. Word spread… quickly.

Now, we support teams of all kinds, both on and off the water. With a long list of happy customers from far and wide, we look forward to making sure everyone feels like we are their local source for team gear. Taking advantage of our amazing variety of high quality product lines, we can find the perfect gear to equip any kind of team, or in case of sailing, even equip individual sailors with their unique needs. Generous discounts make it easy to get into the gear you need… and want.

For those who want a more personalized look, we are happy to personalize your order with beautifully detailed custom embroidery*.

Contact us for details or specific quotes.

* Be aware that needle holes created by embroidery may not helpful to waterproof barriers. Placement is key ;)


(Images represent only a small sampling of the most frequently purchased team items.)